Hickman's 18th Classic Classic Car Show

Yet another Hickman's Classic Classic Car Show has come and gone, It seems like every year it keeps getting better and better. You see some familiar faces, that make a regular appearance and wouldn't miss it for the world, sometimes they bring back their pride and joy which they owned their entire lives, sometimes the end up bringing a new project they've been working on over the long harsh Newfoundland winters, hidden away in the shed behind their house. There are always newbies to be had,  ranging in  all ages, from Teens to Ol Timers.   Often the cars are older than most who drive them. But what makes each year special is that one piece that stands out from the rest. It doesn't have the be the cleanest or rearrest, but just special enough to catch the corner of your eye and draws a bunch of wrench heads around  talking for hours at a time. There is something to be had about a machine that is made out of simply rubber and steel the brings people together of all walks of life andl ages to share a common love of the automobile. Next year can't come soon enough.