First Snow

This past Saturday, we received our first snow fall for the year, despite the west coast of the island had already gotten theirs a week or so ago. It wasn't enough to call it a snow storm but enough to make it feel like winter. It was a calm morning, with a gentle breeze, so the snow stayed on the trees. Normally its always windy, but this morning it was like a winter wonderland. I had planned to start the day off with some Black Friday weekend shopping to get some new winter boots. As the stores weren't open yet I went for a drive downtown to see what was on the move this early in the morning and grab a coffee. I stopped down at Harbor Side Park to take pick of the narrows. While I was there a fellow Photog had the same idea as I, after a quick hello and a brief conversation  I moved on. Not happy with the shot I decided leave and get those boots I wanted. While  driving past the Government House in Bannerman Park I swung the car in just to see what it was like since I've never been there before and had always seen some nice pictures from other photographers. Well what a lovely scene. Every thing was blanketed in a cover of snow, untouched but the previous night. I had asked the local security guard if it was okay if I go through the gate onto the grounds to take a few quick shots. He replied in a what appear to me as a British accent it was okay, and as a side note to keep an eye out for the local rabbit that was known to wonder around.  In all my days hanging out in the park across the street in my early years of smoking pot in the trees,  never once did I ever see a rabbit,  beside the magical one that chased Alice down the rabbit hole. I went a few feet through  the gate and took a few quick shots as I was only wearing Converse sneaker and snow was well past my ankles, it wouldn't' be long before my feet were cold and wet. As I couldn't resist getting least one different angle, I began to walk around the yard along the fence to get a wide a shot as possible taking more and more shots as I went, till I found myself on the far side of the building. By this point my feet were far beyond cold the pants legs of my jeans began to freeze. It was time to go. As I picked up my tripod and headed back towards the car the wind started blowing and the snow started falling from the trees. As quick as that the landscape had changed, and the shot I had taken was now captured in time. 


p.s The new boots are toasty warm.